PFS, the business unit of PFSweb, Inc., is a premier eCommerce order fulfillment provider. We facilitate each operational step of an eCommerce order in support of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-business (B2B) retail channels, and specialize in fashion and apparel, health and beauty, jewelry and collectibles, and consumer packaged goods. Designed for enterprise and growing brands, our services include order fulfillment, order management, customer care, payment and fraud management, and omnichannel products. We offer our services on an à la carte basis, or as a bundled solution, that scales as each client’s eCommerce program grows. PFS, the business unit of PFSweb, Inc., consists of the operations performed through its wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, Canada, the UK and mainland Europe.


Order Fulfillment
Our technology driven fulfillment services create a highly efficient pick/pack/ship operation to ensure each order shipped reflects the client’s brand.

Order Management
Our Order Management platform and services support the complete order-to-cash cycle: placing, processing and distributing DTC and B2B eCommerce orders.

Customer Care
Acting as an extension of our client’s brand, our scalable customer service outsourcing solution provides personalized care across support channels: phone, email, live chat, social listening and chatbots.

Payment & Fraud
Implementation and ongoing management of our clients’ payment operations, along with a team of fraud experts to monitor and review fraudulent activity on our clients’ sites.

Omnichannel Products
Stand-alone subscription-based products that enable efficient omnichannel fulfillment operations within a retail store, distribution center or hybrid environments.


Headquartered in Irving, TX, PFS has twelve locations across North America and Europe servicing the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

Leadership Team

Leading the company with their expertise, knowledge, and hard‑earned tenure, our company executives emphasize the daily opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations.
PFSweb Leadership

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